Which Is Better: 2 Party Congress or Multi-Party Parliament?

The frustrating stalemate between Democrats and Republicans in Congress since 2011, with so little accomplished since then, has led me to think that maybe Parliamentary systems are better, because the coalition in the majority would not dare shut down the government and refuse to pay the nation’s bills and endanger the country’s credit rating.

This thought was reinforced in 2016 because of divisions displayed in both political parties. I pondered that perhaps America would work better with a multi-party system. Our two-party system is flawed, because it represses natural factions. The Democrats are really two parties and the Republicans are probably three parties.

In the US, you could probably get large majorities in favor of path-to-citizenship immigration reform, Obamacare, budgets and spending etc. if you had a Parliamentary system of multiple parties. A two-party system encourages a desire to be simply oppositional and defiant and even to shut down the government in order to win short-term political advantage over the other party or “team,” like it’s a sports contest, or two warring tribes.

But Parliamentary coalitions don’t necessarily work better, and can still lead to stalemates, as evidenced by the 2016 Australian election, and chaos in the British Parliamentary leadership after the Brexit vote. 


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