Republican Party Falls in Line Behind Trump


I am shocked that the Republican Party has so easily abandoned principles and is falling in line behind an anti-democratictyrannical, fascist, misogynist who routinely dehumanizes opponents and creates scapegoats, who offers not substantive proposals but simply a cult of personality, a strong-arm dictatorship, bullying those who challenge him and promising to persecute minorities, specifically Hispanics and Muslims.

Nearly every respectable conservative columnist has condemned Trump — they recognize there is no intellectual justification for his nomination — but Republicans seem to have lost interest in appeals to reason and have abandoned critical thinking.

More frightening,  nearly half the voters are now telling pollsters they are likely to vote for Trump as somehow an acceptable presidential candidate. Terrifying.

Trump’s behavior should disqualify him. I thought until recently principled conservatives would mount a challenge, and he would end up like the Democratic candidate in 1924, with about 29 percent of the vote in a three-way race. He should garner far fewer votes than the 40 percent that Barry Goldwater won in 1964 or George McGovern won in 1972 — the two landslide losers of my lifetime. They were at the very least sincere, principled gentlemen with integrity. Trump is a demagogue and a charlatan, a serious danger to democracy.

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