Trump Isn’t Popular

No matter the gains Donald Trump is making in the Republican primaries and polls among Republicans — he now has, for example, support from 49% of Republicans, compared to 16% for his nearest rival, Marco Rubio — he still isn’t popular with the overwhelming majority of Americans. Republican political consultant Charlie Black pointed out that Trump is rated unfavorably by 59 percent, and favorably by just 28 percent, in the Wall Street Journal Peter Hart poll. Other polls show his unfavorable rating as high as 62 percent. His highest favorable rating is 39 percent.

What’s shocking is that after Trump’s primary victories in Florida and Illinois, 75% of Republicans think the party should support Trump. Only 13% say they shouldn’t, and 12% are not sure. The party has lost its soul. 

The Die-Hard Republicans Who Say They Will Never Vote For Trump

‘Never Trump’ and the Rise of a New Republican Respectability

Hillary Will Beat Trump Resoundingly (National Review)


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