Jeb Bush Is Out

It is good news that Jeb Bush could not inherit his father’s and brother’s financial networks, raise $100 million, and purchase the Republican nomination for another Bush v. Clinton presidential race. That would have signalled a kind of sickness in American politics, that indeed symbolically the deck is stacked and the game is rigged. So I salute Republican primary voters for rejecting Jeb!

But another kind of political sickness has taken hold of Republicans. It is shocking that Republican primary voters in South Carolina instead of Jeb! selected Donald Trump, a man who sounded like leftist filmmaker Michael Moore in his conspiratorial nonsense that George W. Bush knew in advance about 9/11. Trump has few serious proposals, and is basically campaigning  on a cult of personality. He’s a demagogue and an egotist whose strategy seems to be to divide-and-conquer America.

In early 2015, Bush was seen as inevitable and portrayed by many pundits as unbeatable. I’m so glad America has proven politically bigger than that.

Paradoxically, Jeb Bush came across as perhaps the most thoughtful and experienced candidate on the Republican side in 2016. If his name were John Ellis instead of John Ellis Bush, he might have done better.

And Bush certainly seems to have far more character and integrity than Trump, now the undisputed frontrunner for the Republican nomination.

If Trump is the Republican nominee, I have a feeling that Jeb and his whole family will be voting for, if not campaigning for, Hillary Clinton in the fall.


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