Disinformation Campaign Against Hillary

A conservative friend posts on Facebook almost daily doses of disinformation about Hillary Clinton from sites like DailyCaller.com. Today’s outrageous claim (actually posted to a Facebook group for Bernie Sanders for President) is that Hillary stole $200,000 from an impoverished kid’s charity. The fact was that the charity paid Hillary that money as a speaking fee, and in doing so, netted more than $100,000. Clinton donated the money she received to the Clinton Foundation, which has several children’s charities.

The comments from “Bernie Bots” are not reassuring. They come across as gullible, naive and politically unsophisticated, not even recognizing a plant, a slanted story from DailyCaller.com.

Hillary and Bill last year released tax returns from 2007, and previously released tax returns going back to 1992. A law professor has created a grid on what they’ve paid and how much they’ve given to charity. In short, they’ve paid a lot of taxes and given a lot to charity. Click. 

Anticipating a disinformation campaign, Hillary set up Correct the Record, which routinely responds to attacks against her.


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