US Is Less Free in 2016

The United States, in 2016, is one of 86 free countries in the world. Some 59 countries are partly free, according to Freedom House, and 50 are not free. However, the US “received a downward trend arrow because of the cumulative impact of flaws in the electoral system, a disturbing increase in the role of private money in election campaigns and the legislative process, legislative gridlock, the failure of the Obama administration to fulfill promises of enhanced government openness, and fresh evidence of racial discrimination and other dysfunctions in the criminal justice system.”

Report overview:

I suspect racial discrimination in the criminal justice system has always been there, and America could actually BENEFIT from the spotlight placed on this issue, because it could force police to develop stronger relationships in African American communities to try to rebuild trust.

Yes, it’s true that the Obama administration has not responded or dragged its feet on 160,000 Freedom of Information Act requests, and exempted or withheld information in 220,000 requests. The Obama Justice Department has also sought to compel journalists to reveal their sources, though it pledged in 2014 journalists would not be jailed if they refused.

Full US Report


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