Hillary Can Be Inspirational

Hillary, like every other politician, can be inspiring sometimes and most of the time, not inspiring. The Kennedys were inarticulate and not very inspirational in a lot of speeches, but the ones that are remembered are deeply inspirational. I saw Obama speak in 2007 and, as I inspected him as a potential president, judged him to be a dry egghead in the tradition of Adlai Stevenson. I judged him to be inferior to Hillary in his ability to inspire. I was wrong. Six months later, he was quite inspirational.

I heard Reagan speak a few times, and judged him to be an airhead. Not until much later did I read or see his speech at Normandy or his speech after the Challenger disaster, or his speech in Berlin, in which he knocked it out of the park. Very inspirational.
Bill Clinton’s first national speech, in 1988 at the Democratic National Convention, was terrible — far too long, with a tin ear. Over time, he learned to give great speeches.
Hillary has been quite inspirational in China and when she lost the race in 2008. She’s capable. Give her a chance to grow into the job.

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