Hillary Clinton Has Plenty of Room to Lose Primary Votes; She Has Modest, Achievable Agenda

Hillary Clinton started 2015 as the presumed Democratic nominee by acclamation. The bar was set extremely high for her. Except for a sitting president, no candidate for a presidential nomination is likely to start a campaign with unanimous support. Hillary, on like-ability, trustworthiness, and proximity to Wall Street, would not be the first choice of probably 40 percent of the Democratic primary coalition.
She can afford to lose the democratic socialists or activists to Sanders, can afford to lose the anti-Hillary vote in the Democratic primaries. With just the Clintonistas, the feminists and pro-choice voters, she can still win a plurality of the Democratic coalition, which is all she needs.
Hillary is Unpopular?
A usually Democratic voter and friend declares in September, 2015, “Hillary’s toast. No candidate with negatives so high has ever won a presidential election.”
It is not true that no one with high negative ratings comparable to Hillary has won an election. TRUMAN had approval ratings in the 20s. Nixon was consistently rated worse on honesty and trustworthiness than Hillary Clinton, and other candidates have gone through periods when they were not perceived as honest or trustworthy. The public does not generally expect honesty and trustworthiness from politicians when they vote.
Bill Clinton’s approval ratings went well above 50 percent during the impeachment controversy. Hillary’s negatives are based on a constant barrage of negativity about a fake scandal, her use of a private email account while Secretary of State. Jeb Bush did the same as governor. It is equivalent to Whitewater.

Positive and negative ratings are extremely shallow and blow with the wind. Remember G.H.W. Bush at 90 percent approval, unbeatable in 1991?

Hillary is unpopular? Compared to whom? Donald Trump? Trump has a two-to-one negative rating, while Hillary still has a majority positive approval.

If Trump runs a third party candidacy, or wins the GOP nomination and splits the Republican Party, Hillary is unbeatable.

Competition is Good for Hillary

Hillary is competent, highly knowledgeable, pragmatic, a work horse, policy wonk and a bit boring. Underneath the media scandal-mongering, she is proposing thoughtful solutions to our nation’s problems.

 Hillary’s election is important to break the glass ceiling, tackle exploding cost of higher education, tackle income inequality, stay on the path to reduce our carbon footprint, offer a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, and make improvements to Obamacare without throwing away the great advances it made.

This will be Hillary agenda for four years, modest but achievable goals.


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