Jeb: America Moving Toward ‘Military Inferiority’

In keeping with his brother’s neo-con advisors who believed in a muscular, interventionist American foreign policy, including an ill-conceived and poorly-executed invasion and occupation of Iraq, Jeb Bush in his announcement speech accused Barack Obama of seeking “military inferiority” for the United States. How in the world is the nation that spends more on defense than the next 10 nations combined headed for military inferiority? To whom? Or was Jeb just pandering to military contractors and career military men, in hopes of winning their support in the GOP primaries? Jeb’s brother George turned America from a nation with a surplus to a serious deficit, by throwing billions away in Iraq. For what positive outcome? And at the same time, putting such a burden on the nation’s service men and women, requiring multiple tours of duty, that many were exhausted to the point of mental breakdowns.

Jeb has yet to account for his brother’s serious misjudgment.


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