A British Tory is an American Democrat

As I study British politics, I could imagine that a lot of Democrats in the US could vote comfortably for conservative Tories in the UK because they both tend to be communitarians. Accustomed to a national health insurance system, British Tories generally find the American health care system’s gaps in coverage appalling.

My friend Bruce Johnson writes: “This is one area where the phase ‘American exceptionism’ is accurate. This country is unique in its exaltation of individual autonomy over responsibility for others. That philosophy is contrary to Catholic social teaching and it is wrong. I think the single most insightful comment in the 2012 election was by Bill Clinton: “We believe that ‘we’re all in this together’ is a whole lot better way of looking at things than ‘you’re on your own.’ ”


“Here’s an indication of just how far to the right the American political discourse is, compared with Britain – the developed country most in tune with American neo-liberalism:


“That’s why David Cameron and Barack Obama have long had such an easy relationship. Either one could fit easily into the other’s cabinet. And maybe it does help explain why I still consider myself a conservative. I am, as a Brit.”


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