Reagan Did Not Win the Cold War

When Ronald Reagan died, many commentators and admirers gave him credit for beating communism and winning the Cold War. But Mikhail Gorbachev, who attended Reagan’s funeral and admired him, said such a belief was “not serious.” A new book by Jack Matlock called Reagan and Gorbachevsubstantiates the notion that BOTH were responsible for an end to the cold war.

Reagan’s proposal for “Star Wars” — an “impregnable shield over the United States … (did not cause) the Soviets to throw in the towel,” he writes. New York Times Review.

Matlock served as ambassador to Moscow under Reagan. — Originally posted in 2004. Original comments below:

Don Beury said…

The Soviet Union collapsed for the very reason that we hated it – it had untenable economic system that was doomed to fail eventually. The amazing thing was that it lasted 50 years. Reagan had nothing to do with it. The Carter Administration was arguing that the Soviet Union was on the verge of collapse – they were right. Reagan wasted billions on needless military hardware.

Reagan had a hand in accelerating the collapse of the USSR economic scheme. The build up of US military and the threat of the Star Wars program incited the USSR to pump money into their military efforts. They were heaving good money after bad. The demise was probably inevitable. Reagan changed the calendar.

GCE said…

Reagan was a ranting idiot who couldn’t even be left alone by his “handlers” because he’d say things like the comments he made about pushing a button and nuking the Soviets. Reagan’s legacy in Central America was militarization and civil war. His legacy in Afghanistan is the jihadist militants that were trained and equipped by the CIA on our dime. Now were fighting them around the world with no end in sight.


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