In 2012, Dems Gained 2 Seats, for 53-Seat Majority

US Senate 2012 winners (Class of 2006/2012/2018),_2012

In 2012 election, Democrats gained two Senate seats, for a total of 53 seats. Republicans lost two seats, for a total of 45 seats, despite the fact that more Democratic seats were up.

Biggest surprises were primary loss in Indiana of Republican Senator Richard Lugar;
Democrats gained back Massachusetts, with Elizabeth Warren’s victory over Scott Brown, and Indiana, where Joe Donnelly defeated Richard Mourdock, a Tea Party favorite who stated that a pregnancy resulting from rape was something “God intended to happen.”

Other new members of the US Senate include:

— Arizona: Republican Jeff Flake beat Democrat Richard Carmona.
— Connecticut: Democrat Chris Murphy replaced Democrat Joe Lieberman.
— Maine: Independent Angus King replaced liberal Republican Olympia Snow.
— Nevada: Republican Dean Heller barely beat Democrat Shelly Berkley.
— New Mexico: Democrat Martin Heinrich succeeded Democrat Jeff Bingaman.
— New York: Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand won full election as replacement for Hillary Clinton.
— North Dakota: Democrat Heidi Heitkamp barely won, taking seat of retiring Kent Conrad.
— Texas: Republican Tea Party favorite Ted Cruz handily won seat previously held by
Kay Bailey Hutchinson.
— Virgina: Democrat Tim Kaine surprisingly beat Republican George Allen.
— Wisconsin: Democrat Tammy Baldwin surprisingly beat Republican Tommy Thompson.

— Wyoming: Republican John Barrasso handily won re-election.


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