Long-time Conservative Calls Romney ‘the Manchurian Candidate’


May wonders never cease. Since I opened this blog in 2004, Ron Moore has appeared in the comments as a vociferous voice of conservatism and lifetime NRA member. But now Ron writes me that he can’t think of any circumstances in which he’ll vote for Mitt Romney. He says he will probably hold his nose and vote for Barack Obama. This is a man who says he hasn’t voted for a Democrat for president since the 1960s or 1970s:

“When the GOP changed its policies to cut taxes no matter what, I bailed.  Who wouldn’t?…Unless there is a revolution at the GOP convention and someone worthwhile is nominated instead of Romney, (it’s) not likely” that Ron will vote for the Republican nominee. “Romney is a chameleon” — he has changed his positions 180 degrees on health care reform and the individual mandate; on abortion; on an assault weapons ban; on economic stimulus; on tax cuts and a myriad of other issues. “The GOP leaders are anarchists who don’t know the history of the Constitution they revere. Guess I will have to vote against them….another ‘lesser’ vote…I have not changed much…it is the GOP.”

“I was watching Romney’s bright smiling face on TV when a old movie came to mind, The Manchurian Candidate…I don’t think Romney is anyone’s agent other than the folks financing his super pacs.”

He even praises Bill Clinton, a man that during the 1990s he “viscerally” detested. “I admit Bill Clinton has surprised me. Now it is like a different BC. Working with Bush senior on health issues in Africa and other good selfless acts….180 shift…like a new person appeared after he left office.  Have to admire some of the things he and Bush Sr have done.”

I have to admire Ron for breaking ranks, stepping off the hyper-partisan bandwagon and calling them like he sees them. Most of us over the course of a long history of observing politics change our perspectives on certain leaders, parties or issues. I know that I have.


Ron said…

One correction….I was never on the “hyperpartisan” bandwagon. Only bandwagon I’ve ever rode is my own. If the partisan politics happen to agree with my views…great. If not…also great. I left the Democratic party because they drifted to far into communitarianism…left the GOP because they have drifted into extremism.

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