Bush Ranks Among Lowest Ratings for U.S. Presidents

Gr2006051100175 Chart from WashingtonPost.com: Only 31 percent of Americans support President Bush, showing erosion in his conservative base (May, 2006). USATODAY: “When Nixon, Carter and the elder Bush sank below 35%, they never again registered above 40%. Truman twice sank into the low 30s and then rose into the 60s, but the third time his rating fell, it stayed below 40% as well.”

Truman recovered his reputation in history (his low-point was during the Korean War and the firing the highly popular General MacArthur). Nixon has never recovered from the view that he was crooked and corrupt, though in retrospect, his domestic proposals on health care and welfare look positively liberal. Carter’s ex-presidency has been a success, but even a sympathetic historian, Douglas Brinkley, suggested in his retrospective that Carter lacked strong political skills that might have salvaged his presidency.



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